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GP Products

Spherical, Standard & Custom

Conforma's VFL3 Multifocals have been a successful option for most specialty GP lens fitters for many years. This proven VFL3 design and fitting technique remains a constant. In recent years Conforma has developed aspheric anterior surfaces to compliment the optics and expand the add power capability of our traditional VFL3 Multifocals.

Three HD Aspheric Front Surface Enhancements Now Available:

1. VFL3 HD was the first stage in the development of our front surface technology. HD OPTICS™ minimizes aberrations and maximizes optical quality resulting in improved visual acuity for your patients. When combined with the standard add power generated by the aspheric back surface, the HD OPTICSTM aspheric front curve increases the overall add power by approximately +.50D.

2. VFL3 HD-AP for advanced presbyopes will extend the add power range to better accommodate those patients with higher add demands. This aspheric front surface provides a junctionless progression of increasing add power from the optical center to the intermediate and peripheral areas of the optical zone. This progressive power change results in 360 degrees of functional distance, intermediate and near vision. Your patients will enjoy improved near without compromise to intermediate or distance vision. Unlike zonal or annular designs, HD-APTM provides distortion-free transition from a distant street sign to an intermediate dash board or small print near tasks.


3. VFL3 HD-CAP is our latest custom aspheric front surface development which targets those cases that present demands for higher add powers. HD-CAP is a custom calculated front surface enhancement. 

Since the 3-HD enhancements are front surface additions to the traditional VFL3 design, there is no need to change your fitting approach. Well centered position with normal apical clearance will provide the best fit and simultaneous vision. Your standard VFL3 fitting set will serve as a valuable diagnostic tool for selecting the best fit and for over-refractive purposes. All VFL3 lenses are position dependent. The least plus or most minus power is central, therefore poor centration or significant translation will negatively impact distance and intermediate vision. Always maximize centration before incorporating minus power changes.

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