GP Products

Spherical, Standard & Custom


Conforma has led the industry in providing outstanding GP lens products for over 50 years. We specialize in the difficult, meaning that we can help you find eye care solutions for patients with even the most challenging vision needs. Simply click on a product to the right to learn more.

Single Vision Lenses


Elens and Elite are both standard SV designs with Conforma's unique hyperbolic periphery offering improved fitting characteristics results in excellent comfort and rapid adaptation.

Conform-A-Thin Lens (CTL) is a thin and light, tri-curve design for routine SV applications.

CTL designed to serve as a suitable alternative to Polycon II.

Spherical SV lenses are made-to-order with custom or standardized curves.



VFL3 Progressive Multifocals: Third generation progressive multifocal contact lens offering outstanding distance, intermediate and near vision for beginning to moderate presbyopes. Combined with HD-Optics minimizes abberations, maximizes optical quality and expands the add power capability. 

VFL3 combined with HD-AP or HD-CAP proven aspheric front surface developements target the always present demand for higher add powers. 




Ellip-See-Con-K (ESC) and Conforma-K (CKL) are an elliptical, conic section, posterior GP lens. The aspheric base curve is flattening in all meridians from apex to edge. ESC and CKL have proven to be an excellent problem solving lens for Keratoconic or other irregular corneal topographies. 



The answer to fitting and visual problems for the very high astigmat who just can't be fit with our spherical or aspheric designs. Back torics, Bi-torics (SPE or CPE), or Front torics are handled routinely and accuractely at Conforma.


Aspheric Single Vision

Our original problem solving aspheric SV lens design. Lens of choice for the high astigmat, or even less challenging cases. This conic section asperic design provides uniform corneal alignment allowing more efficient masking of corneal astigmatism. Excellent comfort is another distinguishing characteristic of the this proven aspheric design.

Reverse Aspheric


Refractive surgery, corneal transplants and other conditions resulting in atypical corneal topographies, have left a small percentage of patients with unresolved fitting or visual acuity problems. The Bridge Series of reverse aspheric designs were developed in the mid 90's to better accommodate the shape of the post surgical corneas. The reverse aspheric, flat-steep-flat shape of the Bridge designs have greatly improved the quality of vision with irregular or surgically altered corneas.