GP Products

Spherical, Standard & Custom

E-Lens is a standardized GP lens design with predetermined lens parameters. The central optical section is spherical combined with a hyperbolic periphery. The aspheric periphery (HPC) progressively flattens to provide proper corneal alignment. The fitting procedure is similar to a standard tri-curve design. However, the fluorescein pattern will show the tear film more evenly distributed across the entire back surface of the lens with no pronounced junctions or pressure points.


  • E-lens is a standard design with Conforma's unique hyperbolic periphery (HPC).

  • Improved fitting characteristics result in excellent comfort and rapid adaptation.

  • Controlled edge lift and aspheric periphery provide improved corneal alignment.

  • Computerized designs offer consistent on-eye performance through tightly controlled quality standards.

Diameters:                                   9.2                                                   9.6

Base Curves:                               7.25 - 8.25 (.05mm steps)           7.35 - 8.35 (.05mm steps)

Powers:                                        +10.0 to -10.0 (.25D steps)          +10.0 to -10.0 (.25D steps)

Periphery:                                    Hyperbolic - HPC 65                  Hyperbolic - HPC 65

Tints:                                             Blue                                               Blue

Thickness:                                   Thin                                                Thin


Quick Fit Chart

Corneal Astigmatism                   9.2 Diameter                                   9.6 Diameter

0.00 - 0.50D                                On Flat K                                          0.50 Diopters Flat

0.75 - 1.25D                                  0.25 Diopters Steep                       On Flat K

1.50 - 2.00D                                 0.50 Diopters Steep                       On K to 0.50 Diopters Steep

2.25 or greater                                 Consider Ellip-See-Con®