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Custom GP Lenses for the Eyecare Professional

For over 50 years, Conforma has offered specialty lens design

and manufacturing tailored to fit your patient's needs.

Fast Delivery Service
Excellent turn-around time on all orders with personalized shipping and expediting services. 
Custom Production
Custom production capabilities responding to your specialty design requests.
Customer Service
Direct phone, FAX or email contact with knowledgeable customer service representatives who are prepared to process your orders quickly and accurately.
Professional consultation with the
technical training and expertise to
maximize your success with GP lenses.
Our Products
Our signature GP offerings include Progressive Multifocals, Keratoconus, Aspherics, Torics, Single Vision and more custom designs.
Conforma has offered premium optical products and services for the eye care practitioner. The company remains committed to helping professionals meet their patient’s needs on a daily basis. Specializing in custom GP contact lenses and the miniature bioptics (BITA), Conforma can enable you to serve your patients more efficiently, accurately and economically than ever before.
Conforma News & Promotions
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Low Vision Technology

Conforma is proud to offer BITA Low Vision Enhancement Bioptics. Unlike other telescopic devices, the BITA scopes are hardly noticeable because of their position and small size, with each scope weighing about as much as a paper clip. BITA allows the wearers to see a regular view and a clear magnified view simultaneously - a phenomenon called simulvision that must be experienced to be truly appreciated.


Visit to learn more about our sister company BITA Vision Enhancer.

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